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Kate Bosworth Takes Flight And Other Celeb Twitpics Of The Week

J-FLEECE Toko Jaket Online Terbesar di Indonesia

[Show as slideshow] All images courtesy IMAXtree

Image: Getty Selena Gomez attended the Versace Spring 2014 runway showing wearing an item from the Versace Spring 2014 collection. What a glorious way for her to express her special celebrity status and for us to revel in our own hollow existences. [ FabSugar ]   What makes French beauty so? French? When I think about that question too long it makes my head hurt. [ BellaSugar ]   Fifty Shades of Grey now offers branded spinoff wine!

This toko jaket murah online week in celebrity twitpics: Kate Bosworth is a high flyer, Rihanna takes on Thailand and Jay Manuel checks himself out.

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